As media continues to play a central role in shaping public opinion, Syntax provides exceptional media-related services to our clients. Our team of media professionals works on a daily basis to secure positive placements with local, regional and national media. We also serve as the “go to” source for media inquiries during times of crisis, working diligently to maintain our clients’ poised image within the community at all times.

  • Media Placement: No matter how big or small a potential story is, our track record of successfully securing positive local, regional and national coverage for our clients on a consistent basis is proven. Our team is constantly working together to actively pitch new ideas and ideas to gain the best representation possible, whether it’s through print, television, radio or web.
  • Crisis Management: In times of crisis, we understand how important it is to communicate clearly, quickly and with one consistent message. Our seasoned officers will work with clients on time-sensitive crisis issues any time, 24/7. Working together, we can offer strategy and support in crafting media statements or messages to your community, as well as function as the spokesperson for your organization.